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Governor Perry has announced an emergency special election for Texas House District 17 to be held on January 6 in order to fill the vacated seat of Rep. Tim Kleinschmidt, who resigned. Early voting begins December 29. Texas House District 17 includes Bastrop, Caldwell, Gonzales, Lee, and Karnes counties.

A former county commissioner and local business owner John Cyrier, has worked closely with local business and civic leaders throughout House District 17. John is the founder and CEO of Sabre Commercial and serves on non-profit boards throughout the community, as well as the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization.

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We had a great time meeting with voters in Elgin, Texas, last night. I'm honored there is so much enthusiasm about our campaign. Many thanks to those who hosted, including Chris Cannon, Ed Rivers, and Bryan and Rachel Bracewell of Southside Market and BBQ.

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